The complete beginner’s guide to WordPress

For bloggers, WordPress is a great platform to showcase their work. You will find many professional bloggers using WordPress having great layouts and content. You can do the same. If you are new to WordPress, don’t worry. We will give you a guide to start an account and have the simple basic features. These basic features are easy to use, and you will get used to it soon.

Install WordPress and sign up:

It is obvious that the first and foremost step would be to create install WordPress. The process is similar to any other website that requires you to install software and then sign up.  They will ask you for your name, date of birth, username, email address, etc.

Creating your own self-hosted blog:

You can also make your own self-hosted blog by purchasing web hosting and a domain name. There are several sites you can get it from like Bluehost, Westhost or HostGator. Installing WordPress through these hosts require some amount of time. If you need more help, they provide step by step instructions which you can follow easily. If you still find it difficult then, you can always contact them.

Edit your blog:

Once you have installed WordPress, have your own web hosting and domain name, the next step is to beautify and edit your blog. The default basic theme is simple and plain. It is fun to customise the theme and other elements to your desire. To start, you have to go to ‘Appearances’ which you will find in your dashboard. Once you click appearances, you will find ‘Theme’. Go to that. Click on Add New, and you will find thousands of themes to choose from. We are sure you will find one that you like. Browse through the themes and once you find one that you like, click on install which will appear if you bring your mouse pointer on the theme you like. You can also customise it further by going back to Appearance and then click on Customize.

About you:

You need to put some information about you and your blog. You should also give a choice to others to contact you through email or other social networking sites. Make the ‘About You’ section catchy letting others know why your blog is worth checking out.


You must be excited to post your first post once you finish editing your theme. Wait no longer and go to your dashboard. There you will find posts, then click on Add New. Type up your post, edit the size and style of the fonts, colour, etc. The options to edit your texts are similar to MS Word. Once you are satisfied with your work, click on the Publish button which you will find on the bottom of your screen. Before it is published, you have a pop up where you can edit your post’s visibility, status and the time and date you would want to publish your post. After you are done, press publish.

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