How to optimize your WordPress Website?

There are many things that can slow down your blog. If you want your blog to function efficiently, you need to optimise it. If you don’t do that, visitors will have a difficult time browsing through your blog. Let us talk about ways you can optimise your blog.

  • Host:

Don’t go for random hosts or hosting plans which are cheap. There are many hosts which are not really reliable and make your blog slow down. You can research on the most preferred hosts. Reviews from other bloggers will also give you some idea of good hosts. Some of the good and reliable hosts are MDDHosting, WPEngine, Bluehost.

  • Plugin:

Additional plugins are one of the reasons why your website might not function effectively. Do not add plugins if you are not sure about what kind of plugin it is. Some plugins are responsible for making websites slow. It does not mean that if you add more plugins, your website will become slower. It is certain plugins that make it slower. Hence it is not the quantity of plugins but the quality of plugins that matter. Plugins that are coded well will not give you any problem no matter what the quantity is.

  • Theme:

As most of you are aware of, there are thousands of themes available for WordPress. These themes have been created by different people, and they have different features. If you use themes which have too many features, it can actually slow down your blog. We are not telling you to make your blog simple and plain. There are various good and catchy themes which will not slow down your blog. Some of these themes have also been not coded well making it slower to load your page. The default themes will not give you all these problems. You can actually use these themes and edit them if you find them too simple. If you are good with codes then you can do it yourself or else you can search for a developer who can help you.

  • Images:

Images beautify your blogs no doubt. But they can also slow down your blogs. You can optimise your images by specifying the dimensions of images you will upload and reducing their size without altering the quality. Smush is great software and plugin that you will find in WordPress that allows you to resize images without altering the quality. Photoshop and Lazy Load will also help you do the trick.

  • Ads:

Advertisements which are added from third party networks are one of the biggest causes of slowing your blog down. It can also be harmful to you and your blog because some advertisements become messy for viewers. Sometimes there are a lot of pop ups whenever viewers click anywhere or even just scroll down. This can reduce the visitors on your blog. Advertisements will be a source of income for you as bloggers but do choose them carefully because it can slow down your website or chase away viewers.

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