The First Plugins You Need To Install On Your New WordPress Website

When you launch your website, you are likely to have a very busy schedule. Content creation, site optimization, social networking, etc.

There are two things you should know about your shiny new website.

One: in terms of additional features, there is no better than WordPress due to thousands of plugins that are available to you. Most of them are free at the very least for the basic use.

Two: Each plugin has ‘weight’ on your website that will impact page loading, among other factors. So, don’t start installing everything like crazy just because it’s free.

In fact, we have prepared a short list for you about the best plugins you should start off.

Yoast SEO


First and foremost, Yoast SEO. It’s essential for anyone who is not the expert in search engine optimization but also doesn’t want to focus only on that aspect of the site. It will not solve all your problems but, to start, it will help you optimize your website and every post you write.

What’s best is that even a beginner will know instinctively how to get about. All you really have to do is pick a keyword, while Yoast will make sure you haven’t forgotten to use it where you must.



Jetpack is a multi-functional beast that will do the heavy lifting for you. What exactly does it do? A lot. ‘A lot’ as in from checking spelling to helping with web design. It also has a few social sharing features as well as help with site security and traffic






If you are building your very first site, you may consider spam prevention an unimportant issue. Unfortunately, the way internet works it is not the case. Very soon your site will be flooded with spam comments and visits.

But you don’t need to worry because Akismet is helping millions of bloggers and webmasters just like you to keep those horrible bots away. And it does it brilliantly, even when it has to separate between a comment about 100 spins for free from a legit fan versus a shady bot link back.

Oh, and it’s incredibly easy to use.

Google XML Sitemaps


This plugin has a single purpose, but an incredibly important one. Google’s (or any other search engine’s crawler) will be visiting your website and it needs road signs to know where to go.

Google XML Sitemaps plugin will create a dynamic XML Sitemap and help the spiders of search engines get around easier – earning you valuable SEO points in the process.


These plugins will get you started and, to be fair, will be enough for a long time for most of you. Is there anything else? Of course.

But most importantly, you are 10 times better off to utilize three plugins the most you can than packing your site with 10 plugins and never using them. Yes, that happens. Often.

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