Best WordPress tips and tricks that you must know

WordPress is one of the best sites for blogging. It is easy to use as well as complicated at the same time. As primary users, you can get by because it is user-friendly. However, there are several tricks that will help you save time and make use of WordPress much better.

  • Quick edit:

There is an option called the Quick Edit. Like its name sounds it allows you to edit the title of your post, categories, date, time, permalink and tags. It also allows you to make sticky posts, allow and disable comments or make your post private. This can also be done through the usual edit by going to your dashboard. But this takes longer time, so quick edit is a better option if you want to save time. You can find this option by going to the post section and choosing it.

  • HD Images:

The default quality for pictures that can be uploaded in WordPress is 90%. You wouldn’t be able to post a higher quality than 90%. However, there is a trick to it which we will tell you. For people whose blogs depend on or are dedicated to posting pictures, you can upload pictures with 100% quality by using the following formula. Add or enter the formula in a new plugin or the functions.php:

add_filter( ‘jpeg_quality’, create_function( ”, ‘return 100;’ ) );

  • Post scheduling:

Did you know that you can schedule your posts to be posted at specific times and dates? It is very easy. Open the post which you want to make a schedule for. Do you see the publish box? Click on it and select the edit option. Then choose the date and day you want to post. Click on the ‘ok’ option right below. Then select ‘Schedule’ which will be on the bottom. Then it’s done

  • Distraction Free:

This mode offers users to work without any feature of WordPress that can disturb you. It is useful if you want to write without being distracted. To enable this feature, you need to toggle full screen. Depending on your browser, press F11 for Mozilla Firefox and for those of you who use Google Chrome, press alt + shift + G. Then make a new post from your dashboard. You will find an option for ‘Distraction Free Writing’. Click that.

  • Sticky Post:

Do you have posts on your blog that you find important? Do you have posts that you want anyone who enters your blog to see? You can do it using these simple steps. There is an option called ‘Sticky’ which you need to click in your Post Editor settings. You will find an edit option near “Visibility: Public”. Click on edit, and you will find an option on the drop down menu. Check the box next to ‘Stick this post to the front page’. After you are done with all these steps, click on ‘Ok’ and then finally select ‘Publish’. Your post will appear immediately on your front page

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