Best WordPress themes of 2017

Themes are what give life and colour to our blog. No matter how good our content may be, it is not complete without a good theme to support it. With thousands of themes available and more themes coming up every year, it can become overwhelming to choose one amongst so many good ones. It eventually comes down to personal preferences. Before choosing a theme, it is always good to look out for the additional features and coding done because it can either slow down your blog or be a great theme. Since there are great themes every year, we have prepared a list of the best themes for 2017. There are both free and paid themes available:

  • Arden:

Arden gives a classy and elegant look to your page. It has over a hundred pre made pages and designs that are over 30. Do check it out.

  • Yuuta:

Yuuta is a great theme that will be eye catching for your viewers with its quotes and slideshow feature. For those of you who whose blog will mostly contain pictures, this theme would be a great choice.

  • Bento:

Bento is becoming popular because of its multi-purpose nature. It has many features, and the plugins are good which will not slow down your page. You can also customise the theme.

  • Zillah:

This is a great theme for those of you who love writing. It gives a classy and clean appearance which is optimised for SEO and speed. It offers you various menus and a full-width slider.

  • Artemis:

If you like stylish and stunning looks, then you should check out Artemis. You can try out the demo and see if you want to use it. It has many features along with shop layouts.

  • Modernize:

Simple yet elegant, clean and calm is what you will find in Modernize. An interesting feature is the collapsible menus.

  • Hoffman:

You will find great colour combinations and typography in Hoffman. It’s layouts give you a vintage feel. It also has Jetpack integration. The theme is great for writers.

  • TheMotion Life:

Like its name, we would say it gives life to motion or videos. It is a great theme for video bloggers and has a video friendly layout. It has also been optimised for SEO and speed. The featured slider makes your page look cool. Although this theme is great for video bloggers, The Motion Life is still great for bloggers of another genre.

  • Baseline:

The baseline is a great theme for those of you whose blogs will be concentrated more on content. It is a paid theme and has a magazine style feel to it. You can decide and put a maximum of your five latest posts on your header or footer.

  • Alder:

The Alder theme has a unique typography, and the design is perfect for those of you who want to use and show your creative skills. It has handwritten fonts so that your page gives you the feel of looking at a notebook.

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